A variety of products, direct from our little farm in Sonoma.
* Magic Wishy Beans*    $10.00
In every garden, there are magical creatures just waiting to grant your every wish. The trick is knowing how to call on them when you need them. Well now you have a way. Our Magic Wishy Beans have the secret that can make your wishes come true ! Simply take them home, wait till the right time of the Moon, follow the instructions to plant them in a special place. then watch your wishes come true.Here's a story about some little girls who found that out. And for your very own supply of Magic Wishy Beans, just order here. Comes in a three pack. That's enough to make a lot of wishes come true and to make a lot of kids very happy. Great, too, as a stocking stuffer or a present for special friends.

*Basso Profundo*    $12.00
They say that Paul Robeson was the greatest Basso Profundo of all time – a deep dark rumbling voice full of a richness that permeated the senses long after the music was over.That’s the feeling we had when we first tasted Arrowsmith Farms’ new post-harvest honey distillation this year. Deep, dark, full of a caramelised richness that lasts in the mouth long after … well you get the point. So what better name for this very unusual honey than “Basso Profundo” ?!     Like Robeson, it is only available rarely and in season, but is really worth dropping everything to get some of it when it's in town. Well, it’s in town now, but it's in short, short supply – so send us your order now and get it while it lasts. Remember, like a good Robeson CD, once it is yours you can savor it anytime you please. Comes in 3 oz. bottles, packaged as a two pack. Get them while they last.

* Cardoon Honey*    $12.00
A very unusual farm-crafted honey that you won't find elsewhere. Harvested in late Spring by our forager bees from the brilliant blue blossoms of the tall thistle-like cardoons that we allow to flower just to collect the honey. Available seasonally, and only in small amounts - so stock up now while you have the chance.Available only as a two-pack (one bottle for you, one to share?) in the 6 oz. size, all for the ridiculously low price of $12.00

*Farm Crafted Honey*    $18.00
Arrowsmith Farms' fabulous honey, straight from the hives on our ittle farm in Sonoma. Flavors are available seasonally. and range from Berry to Farm Flower and Lavender. Comes in a three pack in the 6 oz. size. The mix depends upon the season and the whim of the bees and Farmer Shelley - just like most other things here on the farm.

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