Driving snow lashes down near horizontal as we fight our way back to the stone hut that has been our home since our fishing trawler iced in near the shore of Siberia nearly a week ago. Alexei is near exhaustion. Ivan is limping noticeably. Katya drags along after him, footsore and weary. Will she last another day?

Ivan’s eyes narrow in the warmth of the hut as he watches me pull that shiny Snappy Tin from my pack. “Dat sissy stuff again” he mutters, and turns away as I rub some of it’s contents onto my heels and tired feet.

Next morning I notice my Snappy Tin and it’s BeeZolio contents are not where I left them last night – and Ivan is walking with a new spring in his step and a slight smile on his face. The radio – dead for a week – crackles with new voices. We may make it out of here after all !!

BeeZolio – always with you for that cracked skin day !

The Honeycomb    $10.00
BeeZolio's largest size, perfect for use in the kitchen, bathroom or workshop.Approximately 2 ¾” in diameter by 1” deep. Molded in the hexagonal shape of the honeycomb, and with a beautiful bee sitting on top. A loop of red cord embedded in the back makes it easy to hang your BeeZolio bar in a convenient place - or just set it in a pretty dish on the countertop near to where you use it most. No need to keep it covered —it won’t dry out or melt at normal room temperatures. You never know when that dry feeling will strike!!

The Mini - four pack    $10.00
A four-pack of BeeZolio's smallest sized lotion bars. Heart shaped, about 1½” by 1¼”.  Good to use by itself, or use it as a refill for the Traveler or the Snappy Tin. A great party favor, hostess gift, stocking stuffer - or just something to share with special friends.

The Snappy Tin & 2 MIni spares    $11.50
BeeZolio's Snappy Tin is ideal to carry in your purse, in your pack on that hiking trip - or on that fishing trip to Siberia! Makes an authoritative "snap" when you press it firmly between forefinger and thumb to open it. Then "clicks" shut securely when you press on the rim. Fun to use, very unusual, and much easier to operate than those old fashioned tins.Your Snappy Tin comes already loaded with a BeeZolio Mini, and two Mini spares are in the packet, just in case. In your choice of black or white.

The Traveler —Yellow or Red    $9.00
Light weight, in bright yellow or red, this hinged plastic container fits easily in your purse, car glove box, backpack or pocket. Opens and closes easily using the flanges on the top and bottom. Can even be operated with one hand if necessary. Comes with one Mini already loaded, plus an additional two Minis as spares.

Footsie Roll    $18.50
BeeZolio's complete foot care kit designed specially for the footsore traveler. Here's a little story to give you the idea:"To indulge your own feet to the point of fetish, place your order here.

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