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*Basso Profundo*    $12.00
They say that Paul Robeson was the greatest Basso Profundo of all time – a deep dark rumbling voice full of a richness that permeated the senses long after the music was over.

That’s the feeling we had when we first tasted Arrowsmith Farms’ new post-harvest honey distillation this year. Deep, dark, full of a caramelised richness that lasts in the mouth long after … well you get the point.

So what better name for this very unusual honey than “Basso Profundo” ?!     Like Robeson, it is only available rarely and in season, but is really worth dropping everything to get some of it when it's in town.

Well, it’s in town now, but it's in short, short supply – so send us your order now and get it while it lasts.
Remember, like a good Robeson CD, once it is yours you can savor it anytime you please. Comes in 3 oz. bottles, packaged as a two pack. Get them while they last.

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